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Glen Tig is a Licensed Professional Counselor and Jungian psychotherapist. He holds an M.A. in Clinical Psychology from North Carolina Central University and has extensive training in relationship issues, addictions treatment, gay & lesbian counseling, and depth psychotherapy. In private practice since 1994, Glen provides services for both individuals, and couples, men & women, gay and straight.

As an undergrad psychology student, Glen saw a well-paved path that led to clinical diplomas, licenses, and research. But the "art" of psychotherapy seemed a mystery to him. How and where could a mental health "clinician" learn the subtle craft of psychotherapy?

He asked many psychology professors who mumbled responses about internships and practicum placements. Yet his favorite professor gave an answer that explains why he was the favorite. "That's an easy one," he told Glen. "You have to scout around for a seasoned old therapist, a good-hearted, clear-headed master. Then dive into your own therapy (as a client) for as many years as it takes till you get the hang of it."

Which is what Glen did - almost, given that Frank Overton was still a young man himself at the time. Though in spite of Frank's young age, it was clear Glen had found his first mentor - well-seasoned, good-hearted, clear-headed.and sharp as a tack. As the years unfolded, Frank guided Glen to the work of internationally noted Jungian author and analyst, Dr. Robert Johnson.


One of the world's more influential living interpreters of the work of C.G. Jung, Dr. Johnson was (and still is) a coveted Jungian mentor. Since 1993, Glen has studied dream analysis and Jungian Psychology directly under Dr. Johnson's guidance.

Dr. Johnson began his own formal analytical training at the Jung Institute in Zurich, Switzerland (during the first year it opened in 1947) where he received instruction from Dr. Jung, Mrs. Jung, and a number of Dr. Jung's original students. Glen Tig is among a small handful of North Americans who have received such extensive professional mentoring from Dr. Johnson.

Other well-known teachers who have strongly impacted Glen's work include Jungian analyst Dr. Marion Woodman, Tibetan Lama Sogyal Rinpoche, and Dr. Stanislav Grof, founder of the Transpersonal Movement in modern psychology.

Frank Overton

Dr. Robert Johnson