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Inner Work Psychotherapy, for clients who feel they are "missing the mark" in life, or challenged by depression, stress, anxiety, fears, inhibitions, mood swings.; also for those in search of an increased sense of personal meaning, life purpose, and self-acceptance.
Relationship Counseling, working with couples and singles to address issues of intimacy, conflict, romance, sexuality, and communication.
Dream Analysis, helping clients decipher dream symbols to find direct insight and guidance.
Gay & Lesbian Counseling, offering LGBT individuals and couples the added comfort of working with a gay therapist.
Addictions Treatment, treating alcoholism, substance abuse, chemical dependency, compulsive behaviors, and co-dependency issues.
Sex Counseling, assisting men and women (straight and gay) who feel blocked from full enjoyment of healthy sexual pleasure. Also assisting those who need help recovering from sex-addiction and compulsive sexual acting out.
Men's Counseling, for any adult man struggling to make sense out of the confusion of being male in our modern world.
Mid-Life Counseling, helping clients in their middle years to understand the shifting sands of this often-misunderstood period of transformation.