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"When my patients have difficulty finding the truth in themselves and their lives, I trust Glen's keen intuition to help them uncover it."
-Cory Annis, MD
Carrboro Internal Medicine

"Glen not only HAS his own method--he himself IS that method. Few therapists can succeed as Glen does in weaving Dr. Jung's concepts and tools into a personal therapeutic style. Although Glen has considerable knowledge at his disposal, it isn't what he knows that heals; it's who he is."
-Dr. Robert Johnson
Noted Jungian Analyst and Author of He, She, We...

"Glen has an amazing ability to connect during therapy-and with such a wide range of clients. Years ago when he worked for me, I did everything I could to keep him happy and to keep his skills in our agency as long as possible!"
-Terri Hamrick, MSW, LCSW
Former supervisor, Intensive Outpatient Treatment Services, OPC Mental Health, Roxboro, North Carolina

"Glen is insightful both by nature and intent. He embraces life fully, finding opportunity where others see only obstacles."
-Joe Reoux, M.D.
Staff Psychiatrist, VA Hospital, Seattle
former Psychiatric Supervisor for Glen
Indian Health Service (IHS)
Sitka, Alaska.

"For two years, Glen worked with me tirelessly volunteering to improve the efficiency of addiction treatment throughout North Carolina. One rarely sees such dedication-because he never received a penny for a minute of that work."
-the late Julian Keith, M.D.
Former Chief of Substance Abuse Services, State of North Carolina Department of Mental Health.