Inner Work Psychotherapy

"The only valid cure for any kind of depression is the acceptance
of real suffering. To climb out of it any other way is simply
laying the foundation for the next depression."
- Helen Luke


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How do you find a lion that has swallowed you? How do you find your shadow in the dark? Both Jungian riddles have the same answer: "inner work".

At InnerWork Psychotherapy and Counseling, clients work to regain balance in their lives, improve the quality of their relationships, overcome depression, or recover from addiction. InnerWork is also for the "seeker" (from both traditional and non-traditional paths), in search of an increased sense of personal meaning, life purpose, or self-acceptance.

Through a holistic, Jungian approach, Glen assists clients in developing the skills, perspective, steadfastness, and patience they need in order to face their own particular struggles. He points out that the goal of therapy is not always to do away with life's inevitable puzzles and problems. "Oftentimes," he says, "the stumbling blocks that seem to cause our distress turn out to be the stepping stones that lead the way out."

Glen explains that inner work of this nature frequently explores the common territory shared by psychology and spirituality, the common boundary between caring for the personality and caring for the soul.

"When we seriously tackle our inner work," says Glen, "it's not too difficult to get the skeletons out of the closet. But to be able to see our 'gold' is a different matter. That is therapy."

Maybe another goal," he adds, "is to learn how to live in partnership with our 'lions and shadows' -so they don't have to swallow us to get our attention!"

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